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Pursuing a Master’s in Theology Online?

Typically when pursuing a Master's in Theology, there's an end goal in sight: receive a Master's degree in theology with the hope of going on to do something with it - something practical, hands on, in service to the Church and/or the local community. The question is, how often are skills (let's say, in teaching) coupled with academic formation that provides particular formation in the area of interest (in this case, theology)? Usually you're given a degree, but then left on your own to acquire the skills and experience needed to apply this degree practically.

At St. Bernard's, we strive to not only provide you with a particular Catholic formation and foundation: we also seek to equip you with the practical tools and applications needed to hit the ground running, as it were, so that once you graduate, you are ready and experienced to enter the field of ministry - be it teaching, counseling, becoming a director of religious education, to name a few.

Our degrees in Theology, Pastoral Studies, and Divinity have helped hundreds of our almuni pursue paths of ministry in parishes, schools, and counseling services. We would be honored to assist you in not only deepening your faith, but equipping you to further service in ministry.

Do more than learn. Learn to teach. St. Bernard's School of Theology and Ministry.

Distance Learning and Online Education

While we know that attending a course physically offers the most holistic experience, we recognize that not all can do so due to distance and busy schedules. That's why St. Bernard's now offers all its degrees online.

Video conferencing through Zoom offers a way to attend class without leaving the comfort of one’s home, something that effectively accommodates the busyness of one’s life, especially when personal issues or family duties prevent one from enjoying in-class instruction.

Attend via Facebook Live

If you're not local to the Rochester, NY area, you can still attend all of our events and public lectures online via Facebook live. Recently, we hosted Dr. Ray Guarendi to speak about "Marriage: Small Steps, Big Rewards."

His engaging lecture was a huge hit! You can watch the recording here.