Permanent Diaconate Formation

As part of our ongoing contribution to the ministerial needs of our Church, St. Bernard’s offers formation for the Permanent Diaconate.

This formation program is designed to be part of a concerted effort on the part of a diocese to form a man spiritually, pastorally, humanly, and intellectually so that he might discern and be formed for the sake of successful ministry as a permanent deacon. Most commonly five years are devoted to preparation for this sacrament. St. Bernard’s offers their formation program together with the Diocese of Rochester and the Diocese of Albany respectively.

This program is developed in accordance the National Directory for the Formation, Ministry, and Life of Permanent Deacons in the United States, a publication authored and published by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB).

The Master of Arts in Pastoral Studies course requirements constitute the formation curriculum.

  • C215 Orientation to Theological Studies
  • D214 Spiritual Formation
  • A202 Introduction to Hebrew Scriptures
  • A203 Introduction to Christian Scriptures
  • C302 Theology of the Trinity
  • C228 Church and Ministry
  • C226 Worship and Sacraments
  • C217 Moral and Social Teachings
  • D217 Pastoral Care
  • D207 Canon Law and Ministerial Leadership
  • D302 Pastoral Formation (Field Ed)
  • Graduates’ Colloquium (Non-credit)
  • 4 elective courses

The Diocese of Rochester requires their diaconate candidates to take the following courses (four as MAPS curricular electives, and four as additional courses).

  • D211 Discernment and Formation for Ministry
  • B301 History of the Church
  • C319 Introduction to Apologetics
  • C/D398 Catechesis and the New Evangelization
  • D202 Liturgical Leadership
  • D219 Issues in Pastoral Ministry
  • D203 Introduction to Liturgical Preaching I
  • D204 Introduction to Liturgical Preaching II

Please contact Dr. Matthew Kuhner, the Academic Dean, for further details.

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