Tuition, Fees, Financial Aid

Tuition & Fees (Academic Year 2020-2021)

Graduate Credit Course

Full Course $ 1995.00

Per Credit Hour $ 665.00

Graduate Audit

Full Course $ 300.00

Half Course $ 150.00

Graduate Study Fees

Graduate Colloquium $ 60.00

First Time Application Fee $ 75.00

Registration Fee (non-refundable) $ 40.00

Late Registration Fee $ 70.00

Technology Fee $ 30.00/course, but no more than $ 150.00 ($ 15.00 for auditors)

Over 90% of our graduate students receive financial aid or scholarships

Over $59,000 in scholarships awarded last year

Financial Aid & Scholarships

St. Bernard’s works hard to keep tuition costs as low as possible. We are committed to helping our students identify the resources needed to finance their graduate education.

Policy on the On-Campus Marketing of Credit Cards to Students

Pursuant to Article 129-A Section 6437 of the New York State Education Law, St. Bernard’s School of Theology and Ministry prohibits the advertising, marketing, or merchandising of credit cards on campus to students. This includes advertising or solicitation at vendor tables, as well as posting or distribution of applications, fliers, posters, handbills and signage (electronic and otherwise) on school premises. The institution’s e-mail system or website may not be used for advertising or solicitation of credit cards to students. Vendors approved to be present at student orientations and other school activities may not provide credit card applications to students during those events. In addition, no employee or student of the institution may accept financial support or other goods and services from credit card issuers or vendors in exchange for allowing them to market credit cards to students.