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As a Christian community dedicated to the development of the four dimensions of formation, it is important that we assist our current students and alumni in their employment search, which is a key aspect of human and pastoral development. To this end, St. Bernard’s compiles any and all job postings that would be a good fit for our graduates.

If you know of any job postings, we would be delighted to hear from you. Please contact the Office of the Executive Assistant to the President with any and all job information:


  • To serve as the School’s finance and human resource manager; directing, coordinating, overseeing, and reporting the institution’s various financial, accounting, and treasury operations as well as the compliance of all human resource issues (in liaison with the Human Resources Department at the Diocese of Rochester) involving the School’s faculty, staff, and students.
  • To formulate and maintain goals, objectives, financial policies, and transactional standards in accordance with the overall mission, goals, and strategic plan of the School, in conformity with established best practices in the field of higher education, and in compliance with Association of Theological Schools standards, State and Federal fiscal management laws and regulations, and generally accepted accounting standards.
  • To collaborate with the team of administrators, staff members, the Internal Finance Committee (IFC) and the Business and Finance Committee of the Board of Trustees in order to ensure that the School’s strategy, policy, reporting responsibilities, and mission are implemented and maintained.


A. Maintain all aspects of cash management including cash receipts and disbursements:

  1. Oversee the Preparation and posting of all necessary financial transactions for institutional operations to ensure that all cash is properly accounted for and safeguarded at all times, including bank reconciliations for each cash/investment account.
  2. Maintain all business relationships with the banks with which the School has depository or credit accounts.
  3. Maintain all business relationships with credit card merchant processors, including overseeing the bidding process and analysis of operational services.
  4. Review all investment accounts to determine restricted and unrestricted endowment funds are properly categorized and disbursed.
  5. Direct the activities associated with the security and investment of the School’s assets and funds.
  6. Oversee the posting of approved supplier/vendor invoices.
  7. Review accounts payable to suppliers/vendors to ensure and execute timely payment of invoices.
  8. Assist the Business and Finance Committee of the Board of Trustees in maintaining fiscal operations and the proper investment of portfolio funds.
  9. At the beginning of each semester, coordinate the billing of all tuition and fees.
  10. Document and revise when necessary, all financial procedures.

B. Maintain general ledger and subsidiary ledgers for accounts receivable and accounts payable and maintain supplier/vendor files:

  1. Perform analytical review of the general ledger transactions as they relate to the School’s operations. Such analytical review will include, but is not limited to:
    1. Account analysis of each balance sheet account.
    2. Reconciliation of specific accounts to detailed subsidiary ledgers.
    3. Reconciliation of specific income and expense accounts.
  2. Review the accounts receivable and accounts payable ledgers to ensure that all cash due to the School is collected in a timely fashion and all suppliers/vendors are paid within their proper terms.
  3. Review the tuition receivable and financial aid payable ledgers to ensure that tuition due to the School is collected in a timely fashion and financial aid is paid to qualifying students within their proper terms.
  4. Learn and utilize all relevant software platforms in order to execute all financial and accounting operations (Populi, MIP, Stripe, GivingFuel, etc.).
  5. With the Bookkeeper, maintain all supplier/vendor files for compliance with Forms W-9, certificates of liability, and workers compensation insurance policies.
  6. Assist in the acquisition of supplies and equipment as well as the agreements for servicing of equipment at all campuses.
  7. Maintain filing of contracts, agreements, and other documents pursuant to financial and legal matters for all campuses.
  8. With the Bookkeeper, prepare Forms 1099-MISC and 1099-NEC annually as required.

C. Prepare financial statements for the School’s operations:

  1. On a monthly basis, unless requested more often, prepare and distribute the following financial documents to key personnel associated with the School:
    1. Reconcile each balance sheet account to a supporting detailed document.
    2. Reconcile all tuition related income accounts between the student information system and the accounting general ledger software. Provide the President with an eight-week mini cash flow projection.
    3. Meet with the President to review progress in the duties assigned to this position.
    4. Detailed Balance Sheet
    5. Detailed Income Statement versus Budget, by originating source and consolidated
    6. Enrollment data as requested, by originating source and consolidated
    7. Statistical analysis and graphs as requested, by originating source and consolidated
    8. Perform other duties as assigned by the President.
  2. On a quarterly basis, provide the members of St. Bernard’s Board of Trustees the following financial documents 10 days before its scheduled meeting:
    1. All documents listed in the prior point (C. 1).
    2. Any further reports requested by the Chair book of the Board, the President, the Board of Trustees, and/or the Business and Finance Committee of the Board.
  3. On a bi-weekly basis, provide documentation according to the agenda for the Internal Finance Committee.
  4. At year-end, provide the external auditors with any documents/information they request.
  5. As needed, review with the President:
    1. Any and all known issues and/or problems involving the student information system (both hardware and software).
    2. Any and all known issues and/or problems involving tuition collection status.
  6. Provide complete accounting services for and exercise fiscal oversight of all campuses.

D. Prepare, implement, and maintain the School’s financial budget:

  1. Assist the President and the IFC in developing and implementing the annual budget:
    1. Establish a collaborative process of budget creation, incorporating all offices and considering objectives outlined in the Five-Year Strategic Plan
    2. Present, review, discuss, and obtain approval from all of the School’s offsite locations for their respective proposed budgets.
    3. Issue monthly reports to offices concerning spending and budget allocation

E. Manage internal/external relationships & reporting:

  1. Assist the Director of Admissions and Student Services in successfully dispersing financial aid and managing scholarship accounts:
    1. Provide regular updates and statements on scholarship balances to the Director of Admissions and Student Services.
  2. Assist the Director of Development in tracking and processing all donations, bequests, and other charitable gifts.
  3. Assist the Director of Marketing and Communication in reviewing and filing sponsorship initiatives.
  4. Assist the Chair of the Business and Finance Committee of the Board in the preparation and presentation of the Committee’s report at St. Bernard’s quarterly Board of Trustees meetings.
  5. Oversee internal and external audits and preparation of audit reports:
    1. Assist the external auditors in preparing any School related tax returns
    2. When the audit is complete and the Financial Statement are received, enter the the statements into EZ-Audit for the Feds.
    3. Ensure compliance with other State and Federal tax laws.
  6. Prepare and submit additional required Association of Theological Schools, State, and Federal reports
  7. Implement student billing policies and collect revenues from student tuition/fees:
    1. Assist students throughout the billing process with any questions or concerns related to payment plans, payment methods, due dates, etc. in a manner consistent with School policies and customer service best practices.
    2. Understand and execute the unique billing and payment structures for each entity responsible for student tuition and fee payments, including but not limited to the Dioceses of Rochester, Albany, Syracuse, Buffalo, and Allentown, PA.
  8. Properly track and invoice all reimbursable expenses due from the Diocese of Rochester and all other dioceses that fall under the School’s operation:
    1. Maintain a good working relationship with the various departments at the Diocese of Rochester and all other dioceses that fall under the School’s operation.
  9. Analyze contractual obligations of the School to ensure consistency with overall financial goals, objectives, and plans, and compliance with the institution’s financial policies, procedures, and standards.

F. Maintain faculty/staff member employment files and process payroll for the School’s employees:

  1. Administrative:
    1. In cooperation with the Executive Assistant, advertise for needed positions, collect applications, and coordinate with the search committee.
    2. Perform on-boarding and off-boarding process for all employees, contractors and adjuncts and maintain complete employee files, particularly with respect to Safe Environment and Sexual Harrassment Prevention training through the Diocese of Rochester.
    3. Ensure annual performance reviews are completed in a timely fashion for each staff member.
  2. Compliance:
    1. Review approved weekly timecards and paid time-off records for staff members.
    2. Review payroll for the School’s faculty/staff members as approved by the President.
    3. Prepare, submit, and process the necessary payroll information with the payroll processing company and post the payroll register journal entries in the general ledger.
    4. Have the President approve each payroll run with his signature.
    5. Review all quarterly payroll tax returns as prepared by the payroll processing company.
    6. Review year-end related payroll tax forms such as Forms W-2 and ensure timely distribution to employees.
    7. Maintain payroll and benefits operations, collaborating with the Diocese of Rochester and various benefits vendors.
      1. Learn and utilize payroll and human resources management software (ADP).
      2. Communicate all necessary payroll and benefits information with all School employees and contractors.
      3. Communication concerning benefits should occur at least once a year during benefit renewal (October/November).
  3. In collaboration with the Academic Dean, process, file and pay adjunct faculty contracts according to their terms.
Required Qualifications:

The successful can candidate will have:

  • A Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent experience
  • An appreciation of the mission of the Roman Catholic Church and of St. Bernard’s School of Theology and Ministry


  • Active member of a Roman Catholic Faith Community
  • Experience in higher education

Positions Supervised:

  • Bookkeeper and Financial Aid Coordinator

Reports to: the President

Please send a cover letter, resume and three references (names, affiliations, and contact information to:

Mrs. Kelly Brunacini
Executive Assistant to the President
St. Bernard’s School of Theology and Ministry

Seeking: Director of Development (Full-Time)

  • To design and execute a comprehensive and diverse fundraising plan targeting both the local and national markets that St. Bernard’s serves, inclusive of but not restricted to the Annual Fund, endowment projects, scholarships, special projects, grant-writing, memorial/honorary gifts, and planned giving
  • To attend to communications, public relations, alumni groups, and institutional partners as these relate to and are in support of development efforts
  • To collaborate with the President, the Development and Public Relations Committee of the Board of Trustees, and the Development Committee internal to St. Bernard’s to achieve the development and fundraising goals of St. Bernard’s
Development, Relationship Building and Stewardship:
  1. Enhance, guide, and execute a coordinated schedule of development initiatives in service of the Annual Fund.
  2. Develop specific fundraising initiatives as appropriate, maintaining an emphasis on donor acquisition, cultivation, solicitation, and stewardship.
  3. Initiate and sustain long-term giving programs that provide opportunities to support St. Bernard’s through bequests, trusts, annuities, and other planned giving vehicles on the local and national levels.
  4. Collaborate with the President to implement cultivation and stewardship activities in the dioceses that we serve and in relation to partner institutions, including but not restricted to alumni activities, special events, luncheons, and letters of acknowledgement.
  5. With the President, identify leadership and major gift prospects; enlist active involvement of Board members, alumni, and key volunteers as appropriate.
  6. Research and develop individual, foundation, corporate, and grant funding proposals as appropriate.
  7. Utilize Populi for data management, donor tracking, and report generation.
  8. With the President, create a Development Plan that will guide the annual implementation of the goals articulated in the 2021-2026 Strategic Plan.
  9. Chair the Development Committee and facilitate regular meetings to assist the implementation of the Development Plan.
  10. Collaborate with the Marketing and Communications office, specifically with regard to the composition of the St. Bernard’s Magazine, annual reports, donor listings, and any public relations strategies, messages, and events that aid the implementation of the Development Plan and reinforce development priorities.
  11. Perform other duties as assigned by the President.
Administrative Duties:
  1. Direct the Assistant to the Director of Development to assure the timely completion of donor acknowledgements, necessary record keeping, reporting and other data management tasks.
  2. Work closely with the Development and Public Relations Committee of the Board, which includes but is not restricted to preparation and presentation of preliminary donation reports to this committee and at the quarterly Board of Trustees’ meetings.
  3. In conjunction with the Finance Manager, formulate an annual budget for the Development office that allows for its goals and fundraising plans to be realized.
Required Education and Experience:
  • A Bachelor’s degree is required
  • An understanding of and cooperation in the mission of the Roman Catholic Church and of St. Bernard’s School of Theology and Ministry
  • An active member of a Roman Catholic Faith community preferred
  • Knowledge and awareness of the operation of a post-secondary institution (2+ years of work experience in a post-secondary institution preferred)
  • Experience with fundraising strategy, planning, and implementation preferred
  • Demonstrated success in fundraising and development initiatives preferred
  • Proficiency in computer and office software applications
  • Strong organizational and analytical skills, as well as strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office applications, donor/customer relationship management (DRM/CRM) software and social media platforms
  • Willingness to pursue appropriate certification (such as the CFRE) and professional development opportunities.
Positions Supervised:
  • Assistant to the Director of Development
Reports to: the President

St. Bernard’s School of Theology and Ministry assumes a Ministerial Exception.

Please send a cover letter, resume, a professional writing sample, and three references (names, affiliations, and contact information) to:

Dr. Matthew Kuhner
Vice President and Academic Dean
Assistant Professor of Systematic Theology
St. Bernard’s School of Theology and Ministry

Custodial and Maintenance Associate

Part-time (15-20 hrs./wk.)

Reports to the Executive Assistant to the President
Position Objectives:
  1. Supervises the execution of the Building Maintenance Plan for 120 French Road, Rochester, NY 14618.
  2. Provides cleaning and maintenance of St. Bernard’s Main Campus in Rochester, NY.
  3. Provides set-up of physical space for events

Building Maintenance Plan

  1. Executes the Building Maintenance Plan through soliciting work quotes and estimates, scheduling and follow-up with vendors, and by anticipating work needed (upgrades, repairs, painting, maintenance of equipment and systems, etc)
  2. Seeks approval from the Executive Assistant to the President for all work and work estimates
  3. Oversees vendor visits and building projects
  4. Provides system maintenance as skill level permits.
  5. Oversees or provides landscaping, lawn maintenance
  6. Oversees plow services

Daily Cleaning and Maintenance

  1. Provides complete daily, weekly, monthly, and seasonal cleaning of the building and its contents according to the Building Cleaning Schedule. This includes kitchen, restrooms, offices, the chapel, classrooms, student lounge, hallways, library, conference room, and all public spaces
  2. Maintains cleanliness and safety of all floors and carpeting
  3. Collects all recyclables and trash. Transports recyclable and trash bins to and from French Road weekly
  4. Maintains the front walkway during the winter months by shoveling and salting as needed. Sweeps the front walkway as needed throughout the rest of the year
  5. Handles basic maintenance requests, including but not limited to:
    1. Changing light bulbs with the use of a ladder
    2. Acquiring, stocking, and evaluating cleaning supplies
    3. Taking inventory and stocking office supplies
    4. Moving equipment, desks, and chairs when requested

6. Executes building fire safety procedures including semesterly fire drills and monthly checks of all fire extinguishers, exit signs and security lights

7. Maintains the garden at the front entrance

8. Meets with the Executive Assistant to the President weekly to review work schedule and project progress

9. Performs other duties as assigned by the Assistant to the President

Building Rentals

  1. Provides timely and courteous customer service to building renters
  2. Sets up rental spaces according to customer specifications when necessary
  3. Assures cleanliness of rental spaces, restrooms, and public spaces prior to, during and after events
  • A High School Diploma
  • 2-5 years of public-sector cleaning experience
  • A willingness to acquire additional training as needed
  • Experience with commercial systems such as HVAC, fire, plumbing, electrical, etc. preferred
  • An active member of a Roman Catholic Faith community preferred
  • An understanding of and cooperation with the mission of the Roman Catholic Church and of St. Bernard’s School of Theology and Ministry

Reports to: Director of Finance and Human Resources

Please send cover letter and resume to:

Mrs. Kelly Brunacini, Executive Assistant to the President
St. Bernard’s School of Theology and Ministry

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