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Paving the Way for Future Generations Starts Here

As a donor, you not only contribute to our service of the Church, you also partake of the great gift that St. Bernard’s has been and will continue to be to our students and our community. Your generous financial support enables students to better understand their faith, supporting and guiding them as they move on to pursue lay and ordained ministries and Catholic service in society.

Impact in Action

St. Bernard’s is blessed with a rich history of faithful and generous donors who have made our programs, partnerships, and initiatives possible:

New Programs and Partnerships

Affordable Certificate Programs

Affordable Certificate Programs

Our Graduate Certificates allow students who might not be able to afford or pursue a full master’s degree to benefit from the richness of our courses. Your support allows us to offer a special aid package to these students. You can read more about these certificate programs here!

St. John Society Partnership

St. John Society Partnership

Your generous support allowed us to partner with the St. John Society to launch the Certificate in Evangelization, offering ministry-focused courses to students at a significantly reduced rate. You can read more here!

Hear from St. Bernard's Students

Student Blog Posts

Student Blog Posts

Click here to read blog posts written by current and former students! Your support allows many of them to pursue a degree program at St. Bernard’s.

The Alumni Journey

The Alumni Journey

Click here to read more about one recent alum’s journey at St. Bernard’s- a journey made possible by your generous scholarship support!

2021-2022 Donors' Impact

Impact by the Numbers

Impact by the Numbers

Click here to view the impact made by our donors last year!

Free Events and Speakers

Free events and speakers

Free events and speakers

Your financial support allows us to offer events, speaker series, and other resources to our community, for free! Click here to see our upcoming events.

Donation Fund Options

The St. Bernard's Fund

Your contribution to this fund will be applied to the School’s greatest needs in its continuing efforts to form students’ minds and hearts to the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Program and Event Fund

Your contribution to this fund helps St. Bernard’s widely share its theological and spiritual expertise through conferences, retreats, convocation, commencement, St. Bernard’s on the Road, and related activities.

Bishop Fulton J. Sheen Technology Fund

Your contribution to this fund allows St. Bernard’s to continue Bishop Sheen’s tradition of using innovative technologies to advance its evangelizing efforts.

Campus Preservation Fund

Your contribution to this fund allows St. Bernard’s to maintain and grow its award-winning main campus at 120 French Road in Rochester, NY.

Bishop McQuaid Academic Excellence Fund

Your contribution to this fund allows St. Bernard’s to hire world-class faculty, develop their expertise, and establish new academic programs to serve God’s people.

Mission Fund

Your contribution to this fund helps St. Bernard's to promote its mission through its website, social media platforms, email campaigns, its student and alumni newsletter, and the St. Bernard's Magazine.

Student Services Fund

Your contribution to this fund allows St. Bernard’s to maintain and grow its library acquisitions, staff, and services, enabling library access to our students and the public.