Joining in the Future of St. Bernard’s through Financial Support

Since its establishment in 1893, St. Bernard’s has contributed importantly and consistently to the ministerial, pastoral, spiritual, and educational needs of the Rochester, Albany, and Syracuse Dioceses. In the words of our former President Fr. Heyman, so great has St. Bernard’s influence been in these dioceses, that one is “hard pressed to find an area of Catholic ministry that is not served by a graduate or student of St. Bernard’s.”

We are very proud of the support that our school and its mission have been to the wider Catholic community. Over the years, we have benefited greatly from the constant faith, prayerful support and generous sharing of our alumni, friends of the school, and the three dioceses, all of which have allowed us to challenge, inform and foster the gifts of those called to serve.

As a donor, you not only contribute to our service of the Church. You also partake of the great gift that St. Bernard’s has been and will continue to be to our community. Your generous gifts enable students to better understand their faith, supporting and guiding them as they move on to pursue lay and ordained ministries and Catholic service in society.

For those who have donated to us over the years, we offer you our heartfelt thanks and prayers. If you would like to join with us in our service of the Church and the people of God through your donations, we would most readily welcome you.

There are many ways to join in our work and make a difference:

  • By visiting our Online Donation Page and making a donation of any kind at any time
  • By making a generous donation to our Annual Campaign which provides critical operating support to our school
  • By making a Memorial or Tribute Gift honoring a friend or loved one
  • By including St. Bernard’s in your will or estate plans, insuring your legacy for future generations
  • By creating an endowment gift to establish a scholarship fund, a Chair or fund another ongoing program