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What is the Lord calling you to? Is He calling you to know Him better, to study the teachings of His Church at a deeper level? Audit a course, sit in virtually or in-person on a single class session, attend an event, or speak with one of our esteemed staff who will help you in answering this call.

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About Us

Why St. Bernard's?

Once a renowned seminary, now a dynamic graduate school of theology and ministry, our students come from all walks of life with a love for truth, faith, and ministry. Following our patron, St. Bernard of Clairvaux, our graduate degrees in theology, pastoral studies, master of divinity, and Catholic philosophy, as well as our certificate programs, seek to develop a living theology and philosophy wherein our students are not only informed but transformed by Christ. This follows from the four dimensions of formation - the human, spiritual, pastoral, and intellectual - in which we appeal both to the mind and heart in incarnating the truths of our faith.

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Opened as a Roman Catholic Seminary in 1893 and restructured into an Institute for Theological and Ministerial studies in 1981, St. Bernard’s has steadily pursued a course of dedication and service to the Church as it meets the challenges and changes within our world. Our founder, Bishop Bernard J. McQuaid, an educational pioneer, was bold and innovative in his vision of theological education.

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Online Education

While we know that attending a course physically offers the most holistic experience, we recognize that not all can do so due to distance and busy schedules. That's why St. Bernard's now offers all its degrees and programs online.

Distance Learning and Online Education