Why St. Bernards? - St. Bernard's

Why St. Bernard's?

Once a renowned seminary, now a dynamic graduate school of theology and ministry,

St. Bernard's welcomes students that come from all walks of life with a love for truth, faith, and ministry., you will receive not just information, but formation: our courses, certificates, and programs all attempt to bring us into communion with God on the human, spiritual, pastoral, and intellectual dimensions of life. Because of this, you will never be simply a number on a course roster: you will be a member of our community.

Many of our students are preparing for work in ministry, teaching, or higher education, and are pursuing our courses, certificate programs, or graduate degree programs for their own spiritual and personal enrichment. Our graduate programs are taught by distinguished faculty that are passionate about their area of expertise and their desire to encourage, challenge, and inspire their students.

St. Bernard’s course offerings are designed to meet the needs of today’s learners, while also retaining the beauty and excellence that our school strives to embody. All of our courses are provided through several modes of delivery: you can take them online, hybrid, videoconferencing, or in-person.

We pledge to our students that we will work with them to find the mode of delivery that is right for them.