One Free Summer Audit Opportunity - St. Bernard's

One Free Summer Audit Opportunity

Thanks to the generous support of the Knights of Columbus, St. Bernard's is delighted to offer the opportunity of auditing one summer course for free. We are committed to featuring courses that enhance the truths of our faith, and as such, wish to share our offerings with as many people as possible.

Auditing allows one to attend courses without receiving graduate credit. This means you can enjoy the benefits of taking a graduate course without having to submit the required paperwork.

The location of a course is designated below by one of four geographic areas, indicating the location from which the live course is taught. Students who are within commuting distance to that location are encouraged to attend class in person. All Catholic theology courses online can be accessed synchronously for those unable to attend in person or not in commuting distance. Live course times are listed in Eastern Standard Time (EST). Further details on distance learning can be found here.

Summer 2023 Courses

May 15th - June 30th (Session I) | July 5th - August 23rd (Session II)

(Note: our add/drop deadlines are June 3rd [Session I] and July 8th [Session II])

ALB (Albany Campus) | BUF (Buffalo Campus) | ROC (Rochester Campus)