Distance Learning and Online Education

While the traditional model of in-class instruction is still very much desired by most students, many have come to understand that they need other options if they are to meet their educational goals. To this end, St. Bernard’s offers four different ways of completing any degree program or certificate:

  1. In-class instruction at our physical sites in Rochester, Buffalo, and Albany, usually offered in the evening to accommodate those who have day-time responsibilities
  2. Video conferencing where you can gather online as a community via Zoom
  3. Online instruction allowing you to study and engage at your pace
  4. A hybrid approach, combining in-class instruction, video conferencing, and online instruction

All our courses are offered in the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters.

In-class instruction is greatly desired by and is the preferred way of learning for both student and professor. However, this mode of instruction often presents difficulties on the part of the student because of geographic location, work schedules, weather, and personal life situations. To accommodate some of these difficulties, St. Bernard’s offers classes both during the day and evening, as well as engaging in intensive weekend and summer classes.

Video conferencing through Zoom offers a way to attend class without leaving the comfort of one’s home - something that effectively accommodates the busyness of one’s life, especially when personal issues or family duties prevent one from enjoying in-class instruction, and more recently, in light of precautions due to the Coronavirus.

Online instruction also allows a student to “attend” class, but now according to his/her own schedule. Unlike video conferencing where one interacts with a class as it is actually taught (for which reason it is referred to as synchronous instruction), online instruction proceeds by way of a learning management system called Canvas which is accessed through a web browser and provides a guided approach to the material for that class (an asynchronous approach to instruction). This engagement with a class and its material can be quite expansive, ranging from one that is completely text-based and non-interactive, to one that combines this with such diverse interactive elements like video instruction, blogs, virtual classrooms/groups, etc.

Lastly, hybrid instruction uniquely combines the aforementioned modes of instruction in varied way to affect the teaching of a class.

Taken all together, the educational experience that St. Bernard’s provides allows not only for many and varied ways to take advantage of the community that forms the very heart of this institution, but also for a greater range of choices to realize a student’s educational ambitions. Whether one is interested in a particular class or wishes to engage the entirety of a degree program or certificate, St. Bernard’s can work with you to design and deliver a way to accomplish your desire.

Please contact Admissions to see which mode of education is right for you.