Whitelisting Instructions - St. Bernard's

Whitelisting Instructions

In order to ensure you receive email updates from us regarding upcoming events, courses and free resources, follow these instructions:

For Gmail:

  1. In your Inbox, check under your “Promotions” tab for any emails from either St. Bernard's School of Theology and Ministry; Matthew Brown at matthew.brown@stbernards.edu; or Bernadette Bobrowski at bernadette.bobrowski@stbernards.edu
  2. Drag any of those emails from the “Promotions” tab to your “Primary” tab.
    (Note: If these emails are already getting delivered to your “Primary” tab, then just go back later and check your “Promotions” tab periodically to make sure you’re not missing anything.) Whitelisting
  3. This will train Gmail that you wish our emails to be delivered to your “Primary” tab in the future.

For other email service providers:

For all other email service providers, please add us (bernadette.bobrowski@stbernards.edu) as a contact in your address book.