006: "Troeltsch's Eschatological Absolute" with Evan Kuehn

Apr 15, 2021

Charles talks with Evan Kuehn about his book Troeltsch's Eschatological Absolute. Evan covers the importance of eschatology in 19th and 20th century Christianity, Troeltsch's unique approach to both eschatology and Kantian idealism, his critique of monism, and his understanding of the religious a priori in human experience. Evan's work rescues Troeltsch from some early dismissals and shows a path to conversation between Troeltsch and dialectical theology.

07:2019th and 20th Eschatology in Christianity
17:12Kantian Idealism and Absolutism
38:58Troeltsch's Critique of Monism


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The Particular Good podcast is focused on literature, theology, and philosophy. Our title is inspired by St. Thomas, who said humans by nature are made for particular goods. Elif Batumann, novelist and literary critic, pictures writers as bookkeepers keeping a double-ledger of life and literature, looking at people and objects in life and on pages and saying: what is it?

On the Particular Good podcast, our goal is take out the ledger, pay attention, and pursue truth in its particular good.

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