016: Faith and Reason through Christian History with Grant Kaplan, Ph.D. - St. Bernard's
016: Faith and Reason through Christian History with Grant Kaplan, Ph.D.

Mar 21, 2023

Charles talks with Grant Kaplan, Ph.D. about his new book Faith and Reason through Christian History: A Theological Essay. Kaplan's book covers an extraordinary breadth with clarity and verve. Each section surfaces the complexities of several crucial thinkers in clear, generous treatments. Kaplan resists imposing any sort of overarching narrative on the scope of his project, but he also resists a bland descriptiveness: his own intellectual judgments are incisive and charitable.

3:02Grant’s inspiration for the book
9:25Karl Barth and St. Anselm
15:20Hugh of St. Victor
17:49Sts. Thomas and Bonaventure
22:37St. Bonaventure and Ressourcement theology
31:16Scotus and St. Augustine
41:18Pascal and Reason
46:13Blondel’s influence on 20th century theologians
50:18Pryzwara’s analogy of being
54:19Barth and Rahner’s influence on Balthasar’s theology
59:25Lonergan’s appeal to post-moderns
01:05:57The theology of Jean Luc Marion
01:15:00The notion of a ‘Living Tradition’


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