012: "The Bell" by Iris Murdoch - St. Bernard's
012: "The Bell" by Iris Murdoch

Jan 24, 2023

In this episode, Charles and Heather discuss Iris Murdoch's philosophy and literature. We talk about her philosophical work The Sovereignty of Good, her novel The Bell, and the relationship between her philosophy and her art.

01:40“The Sovereignty of Good” and the critique of modern Kantian ethics
10:30The idea of paying loving attention to reality
19:56A plot summary of “The Bell”
41:40Michael’s fantasy, his belief in God and reality
48:03Hope in being found and fetched
55:01Thanks for listening!

About Particular Good Podcast

The Particular Good podcast is focused on literature, theology, and philosophy. Our title is inspired by St. Thomas, who said humans by nature are made for particular goods. Elif Batumann, novelist and literary critic, pictures writers as bookkeepers keeping a double-ledger of life and literature, looking at people and objects in life and on pages and saying: what is it?

On the Particular Good podcast, our goal is to take out the ledger, pay attention, and pursue truth in its particular good.