011: Alice Munro's "The Bear Came Over the Mountain" - St. Bernard's
011: Alice Munro's "The Bear Came Over the Mountain"

Jan 10, 2023

Charles, Danny, and Heather talk about Alice Munro's extraordinary short story "The Bear Came Over the Mountain" and Alice Munro's craft. Munro, who won the Nobel Prize in literature in 2013, writes rich stories that delve deep into human nature.

In this episode, we talk about her use of time and structure, the very human tensions in the story itself, and the role small decisions have in shaping lives.

00:30Background on Alice Munro and a summary of “The Bear Came Over the Mountain”
21:03The cultural response to the sexual revolution and the loss of identity
25:00Experiences, Moments and Memory
41:00Meaning behind the title “The Bear Came Over the Mountain”
50:00Next on Particular Good


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