009: Creation and Incarnation: Maximus the Confessor with Jordan Daniel Wood

Jan 4, 2022

Charles and Marco interview Jordan Daniel Wood about his forthcoming book The Whole Mystery of Christ: Creation as Incarnation in Maximus Confessor (Notre Dame Press 2022). They talk about Maximus' christo-logic and how it works through his understanding of anthropology, deification, christology, particularly the suffering of Christ, and eschatological creation.

01:30Who was Maxmius the Confessor?
13:15What is Maximus' christo-logic?
29:40How can a hypostasis seems to be a synonym of 'individual' and also what makes an individual an individual?
42:45How are Maximus' logoi related to the hypostasis of each person?
01:03:40How does Maximus' understanding of logos hypostasis in humans affect his understanding of nature?
01:19:09How do you think about grace presupposing nature in light of Maximus?
01:26:26How do you understand the analogy of being in light of Maximus?
01:39:09But wait, isn't this exactly what Balthasar was saying all along?
01:46:00How should this book affect our understanding of creation, eschatology, and salvation?


Jordan Daniel Wood

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