"Lost in Thought" with Zena Hitz  - St. Bernard's
007: "Lost in Thought" with Zena Hitz

May 3, 2021

Charles talks with Zena Hitz about her beautiful book Lost in Thought: The Hidden Pleasures of an Intellectual Life. They cover why and how she chose her vivid examples of particular goods of the intellectual life, the importance of treating the intellect as an end to itself rather than instrumentalizing it for prestige or politics, the role of withdrawal—forced or free, physical or internal—MC Hammer's love of the philosophy of science and Zena's book, and the integration of intellectual life within Christianity.

02:31Particular goods and the intellectual life
10:47Instrumentalizing the intellectual life
14:15Withdrawing for the intellectual life
34:35Curiositas, Augustine, and the love of spectacle
50:59MC Hammer
1:06:17Conversion and the intellectual life


About Particular Good Podcast

The Particular Good podcast is focused on literature, theology, and philosophy. Our title is inspired by St. Thomas, who said humans by nature are made for particular goods. Elif Batumann, novelist and literary critic, pictures writers as bookkeepers keeping a double-ledger of life and literature, looking at people and objects in life and on pages and saying: what is it?

On the Particular Good podcast, our goal is to take out the ledger, pay attention, and pursue truth in its particular good.