FAQ - St. Bernard's


  • Who can I speak with about applying to a graduate degree program?
    Please contact the Office of Admissions: matthew.brown@stbernards.edu, or (585) 271-3657, ext. 289.
  • What degree or educational prerequisites are needed to apply to St. Bernard’s graduate programs?
    All applicants to St. Bernard’s graduate degree programs must hold a four-year baccalaureate degree (or the U.S. equivalent) granted by an accredited college or university. We have many options for students without a bachelor’s degree who wish to pursue a degree or certificate - please contact our Office of Admissions to learn more: matthew.brown@stbernards.edu, or (585) 271-3657, ext. 289.
  • What are St. Bernard’s graduates doing in the world?
    Our rich Catholic tradition and approach to education as formation prepare students for work, ministry, and service. Many graduates work as catechetical leaders and lay ecclesial ministers in parishes; some share their gifts and expertise as teachers; many work as leaders in non-profit initiatives and social ministries; some go on to pursue further advanced terminal degrees; and others simply allow their formation to impact their relationship with God, their family, and their relationships within society as a whole. Since St. Bernard’s programs provide formation for the whole person, the education we offer bears great fruit throughout the lives of our graduates.
  • Are there any application deadlines for the graduate program?
    Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, which means students can be admitted in any of the 3 academic semesters. These 3 semesters, each approximately 15 weeks in length, are as follows: Fall (August–December); Spring (January–May) and Summer (May–August).
  • What is the application fee?
    The application fee is $75. You can pay by check or credit card directly within the admissions application. Kindly make your payment payable to St. Bernard’s School of Theology and Ministry.
  • How does distance learning/online education work?
    As a student taking advantage of distance learning/online education, you have the opportunity to complete your degree from the comfort of your home. Each of our courses is available via live videoconferencing or through online engagement at your own pace. Learn more about our four-fold approach to distance learning here: https://www.stbernards.edu/distance-learning-and-online-education
  • Can I request to take a tour of campus?
    Yes! Our campus is in Rochester, NY. To schedule a tour of our main campus in Rochester, please contact the Office of Admissions: matthew.brown@stbernards.edu, or (585) 271-3657, ext. 289.
  • How are admission decisions made?
    Decisions for admission into graduate programs are made by the Admissions Committee. Applicants will be notified of their admission decision as soon as possible. All components of your application are considered: your transcripts, personal statement, and letters of recommendation.
  • When can I expect an admission decision and how will I be notified?
    The Director of Admissions & Student Services will contact you to acknowledge receipt of your application and will inform you of your admission decision after the Admissions Committee holds its regular meeting.
  • When can I start classes at St. Bernard’s?
    First time students may enroll in classes at the beginning of any of our three semesters. You do not need to wait until the fall semester to begin classes!
  • Can I Audit a course?
    Yes! Students typically audit courses for personal enrichment, especially if a graduate program is not right for you. Auditors do not receive credit or a grade for the course. The cost to audit can be found on our Tuition & Fees page, and auditors can register through the auditor application.
  • Can I take classes at St. Bernard’s without being officially admitted to a degree program?
    Yes, a student who has demonstrated the ability to undertake graduate-level work may enroll as a non-matriculated student. Non-matriculated students are allowed to complete no more than four courses before declaring the intent to pursue a specific degree program.
  • Do you accept transfer credit?
    Yes, transfer credit is gladly accepted. Please consult the Student Handbook for more information, or contact the Office of Admissions for more information.
  • Can I receive a copy of my transcript(s)?
    Yes. Please follow this link to request an electronic copy of your transcripts: https://stbernards.populiweb.com/router/request_transcript. Any further questions, please contact our Registrar at 585-271-3657, ext. 296.

Finances/Student Billing Account

How much money do I need to pay at the time of Registration?

Students are required to pay the registration fee. Courses need to be paid in full by the end of the semester. If this is not possible, you can set up an extended payment schedule by contacting the Director of Finance.

What if I need to drop a course?

Should St. Bernard’s cancel a course, the School will refund all tuition and fees. Should the student withdraw from a course, s/he is responsible for the registration fees and tuition for the duration of his/her attendance in the course, as per the schedules listed in the Student Handbook. For courses that meet on a bi-weekly basis, a single class session represents approximately 1.5 sessions of a weekly class (proportionally). Hence, there are 2 distinct refund schedules appropriate to the varying course formats. St. Bernard’s charges tuition until the date of official withdrawal. Withdrawal must be completed via the official Status Change Form as discontinuance of attendance or notice to the Professor does not constitute withdrawal.

When does my bill need to be paid?

Unless a student is on a payment plan, all previous bills need to be paid before registering for the following semester. St. Bernard’s will not grant a degree, nor release grades to students, nor grant credit for coursework completed, nor issue transcripts, unless all charges for a given semester are paid in full.

Are tuition payment plans available?

Yes, St. Bernard’s does have a payment plan. Students may arrange one with our Director of Finance with a fixed number and duration of installments.

How do I notify St. Bernard’s of aid I am receiving from my parish/sponsoring organization?

Please contact our Director of Admissions and Financial Aid with information regarding any additional aid you are receiving. Students are requested to inform St. Bernard’s on a yearly basis regarding additional aid they receive outside of diocesan and St. Bernard’s tuition assistance.

More questions?

You can learn more information by contacting our Finance Office or by visiting our Scholarships & Financial Aid page.