Theology and Culture: Conversations in Faith copy - St. Bernard's

Theology and Culture: Albany Campus

Mar 29, 2022

6:00PM – 8:00PM

40 North Main Avenue, Albany, NY

Join St. Bernard's for conversations in Faith and what being Catholic looks like in today's world!

Following the August 9th, 1945, dropping of the second atomic bomb ever used in a military conflict, residents of Nagasaki responded in a unique and surprising way to the vast destruction visited upon their city. As reflected in the writings of Nagasaki radiologist, Takashi Nagai, the community emphasized peace and forgiveness, rather than rage, retribution, and political activism.

This talk will consider the enduring legacy of suffering and hope that informed and gave meaning to the Nagasaki Catholics' remarkable response to the atom bomb.

Join us for fellowship, food, and discussion in Albany! Further details are available below.