Certificate in Catholic Philosophy - St. Bernard's

Graduate Certificate in Catholic Philosophy

Graduate Certificate in Catholic Philosophy (GCCP)

“… [P]hilosophy shows in different modes and forms that the desire for truth is part of human nature itself. It is an innate property of human reason to ask why things are as they are.” - Pope St. John Paul II, Fides et Ratio, 3, 5

This certificate program seeks to provide a basic introduction to the practice of philosophy as realized within the Catholic intellectual tradition. It is comprised of five courses (15 credit hours) and is available online either synchronously (in real time when the courses occur) or asynchronously (at a later time that works best for you).

The required courses are:

  • CP601 Introduction to Catholic Philosophy
  • CP605 Logic
  • CP621 Philosophy of Nature
  • CP631 Metaphysics
    • An approved elective such as the following:
      • CP611 History of Philosophy (Ancient)
      • CP612 History of Philosophy (Medieval)
      • CP613 History of Philosophy (Modern and Contemporary)
      • CP614 Epistemology
      • CP641 Philosophy of God
      • CP651 Philosophical Anthropology
      • CP661 Ethics

If for some reason any of these courses are not offered in a given semester, the Certificate Program Director will be in touch with you to work on a course substitution. Details on pricing can be found here.