Certificate in Catholic Bioethics

Certificate in Catholic Bioethics (CCB)

“A particularly crucial battleground in today's cultural struggle between the supremacy of technology and human moral responsibility is the field of bioethics, where the very possibility of integral human development is radically called into question.” - Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, Caritas in Veritate, 74

This certificate is one of the best Catholic bioethics programs for those looking for an introduction to the realm of bioethics from the Catholic perspective. It is comprised of five courses (15 credit hours) and is available online either synchronously (in real time when the courses occur) or asynchronously (at a later time that works best for you). The required courses are:

  • C/D332 Catholic Bioethics: A Matter of Life and Death
  • C217 Fundamental Moral Theology
  • Medical and Moral Decision-Making
  • C/D329 The Gospel of Life: Life Issues and Contemporary Challenges
  • An approved elective (such as CP661 Ethics)

If for some reason any of these courses are not offered in a given semester, the Certificate Program Director will be in touch with you to work on a course substitution.