Certificate in Catholic Biblical Studies - St. Bernard's

Graduate Certificate in Catholic Biblical Studies

Graduate Certificate in Catholic Biblical Studies (GCCBS)

“This sacred tradition, therefore, and Sacred Scripture of both the Old and New Testaments are like a mirror in which the pilgrim Church on earth looks at God, from whom she has received everything, until she is brought finally to see Him as He is, face to face.” – Dei Verbum 7

This certificate provides a thorough grounding in the study of Sacred Scripture with a focus on its historical context combined with the fullness of the canon, an explicit philosophy of interpretation, and a hermeneutic of faith in the context of the Church. It is comprised of five courses (15 credit hours) and is available online either synchronously (in real time when the courses occur) or asynchronously (at a time that works best for you).

The required courses are:

  • A205- Introduction to Catholic Biblical Studies
  • A202- Introduction to the Old Testament
  • A203- Introduction to the New Testament
    • Two electives, one focused on the New Testament and one focused on the Old Testament, such as the following:
      • A/B370: Archeology and the Bible
      • A411: Elementary Greek I
      • A391: Johannine Literature
      • A301: Pauline and Deutero-Pauline Writings

If for some reason any of these courses are not offered in a given semester, the Certificate Program Director will be in touch with you to work on a course substitution. Details on pricing can be found here.