Liberal Arts Core Program

Undergraduate Liberal Arts Core

“Only in this way, by ordering the soul in harmony and giving it a sense of the meaning of proportion and relationship, can it be induced later to become fully rational, and to derive pleasure from the theoretic contemplation of ideas. The road to reason leads through the ordering of the soul, which implies the necessity of an education in love, in discernment, and in virtue.”

Stratford Caldecott, "Beauty for Truth's Sake"

Offered by way of a unique collaboration between the Aquinas Institute and St. Bernard’s, the ULAC program takes up our rich Catholic intellectual tradition, which includes the greatest minds and works of human civilization and integrates new concerns and discoveries with ancient truths that have guided the generations before us.

We want to give students of every age and in every situation access to real-time discussions of Great Books in the areas of humanities, philosophy, and theology, led by experienced and enthusiastic teachers who are passionately committed to the Catholic intellectual tradition. The Liberal Arts Core program therefore consists of 18 credits taken over six 3-credit undergraduate courses:

These courses may be taken to fulfill core courses required by universities and colleges, or they could simply provide an opportunity for people in the work force or raising families to obtain the classical education they never had.

The Aquinas Institute and St. Bernard's currently offer this Liberal Arts Core program for those who would like an integrated Liberal Arts experience at the undergraduate level. It is intended for those who want to discuss some of the greatest writings of all time, led by a professor in a classroom setting. Students who complete all 6 courses will be issued an unaccredited Certificate in Liberal Arts from St. Bernard's. Students wishing to use credit from these classes at other colleges and universities should contact St. Bernard's Academic Dean to set up an articulation agreement with the desired institution.

In sum, these courses taught in partnership with St. Bernard's and the Aquinas Institute provide a pathway for students to receive a Great Books and liberal arts education at a distance, through a live online discussion, thus making it accessible to students across the country (and around the world!) through an approach to distance education that features streamlined technology, live class sessions, engaging professors, and expert guest lecturers.

Please contact us to explore financial aid possibilities! We want to offer an excellent opportunity for study and conversation for as affordable a price point as possible. Details on pricing can be found here.