Kasey Kimball, Ph.D. (Cand.) - St. Bernard's

Kasey Kimball, Ph.D. (Cand.)


Kasey Kimball is a Ph.D. candidate in historical theology at Boston College. Her current research focuses on early Franciscan anthropology and sacramental theology; she also has an abiding interest in pre-Modern Scriptural exegesis and theories of secularization. Inspired by the 20th century ressourcement movement, she intends her scholarly work in (sometimes the lesser known corners of) the Patristic and Medieval theological tradition to be of service to the contemporary Church as well as to the academy. Raised an Anglican in Newburyport, MA, she received a BA in International Studies from Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore, MD) in 2008 and served for six years with a Protestant campus ministry in Baltimore before moving to Canada for graduate studies. She received her MA in theology from Regent College (Vancouver, BC) in 2018. She was received into full communion with Catholic Church in 2018, influenced, in part, by writing her MA thesis on St. Bonaventure. When she’s not studying, she enjoys British detective fiction, distance running, teatime, and making friends with other people's dogs.

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