Graduate Courses - Rochester

Rochester/Syracuse Graduate Course Registration

Spring 2016


Section I: Personal Information
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Diocese: Rochester    Syracuse
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Section II: Statistical Reporting
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Race: Black   Hispanic   Native American  
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Section III: Course Selection
(to be completed by all)


A203 Introduction to Christian Scriptures
Status: Credit     Audit 
Location: Rochester  Apalachin  Auburn  Watkins Glen
A328 The Psalms
Status: Credit     Audit
C215 Orientation to Theological Studies
Status: Credit     Audit 
Location: Rochester  Apalachin  Auburn  
Watkins Glen  Syracuse
C/D396 The New Evangelization/Encounter in a Digital Age - Hybrid format
Status: Credit     Audit
D203 Liturgical Preaching
Status: Credit     Audit
Location: Rochester  Apalachin  Auburn  Watkins Glen
D217 Pastoral Care I - at LeMoyne College, Syracuse
Status: Credit     Audit 
D379 Special Topics in Spirituality - Hybrid format
Status: Credit     Audit 
I400 Graduates' Colloquium ($60.00 fee)
Status: Register  


Section IV: Financial Information
(to be completed by all)


Registration Fee*:
Tuition (see below)**:
Total Owed:

 *A late registration fee (additional $30) goes into effect on December 21st.

I have read St. Bernard's Financial Policy (note revised policy as of Spring 2013)


To register online, a credit card payment MUST be made

American Express  Discover Card/Novus  MasterCard  VISA

Total payment today: $




If mailing registration, send with payment to:
St. Bernard's School of Theology and Ministry
Attn: Ellen Morningstar, Registrar
120 French Rd.
Rochester, NY 14618


**Spring 2016 Tuition:

$1774.00 per full course (credit)
$300.00 per full course (audit)
$40.00 registration fee (non-refundable)
$70.00 late registration fee
$60.00 Graduates' Colloquium