Graduate Courses - Rochester / Syracuse

Spring 2017 Graduate Courses - Rochester/Syracuse


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+Held in Syracuse at LeMoyne College
*Videoconferencing available in Apalachin, Auburn, and Watkins Glen
**Videoconferencing available in Apalachin, Auburn, Watkins Glen, and LeMoyne College, Syracuse


*A202 Introduction to Hebrew Scriptures (Premnath)

**A301 Pauline and Deutero-Pauline Literature (Heyman)

B/C208 Key Movements in Church History (Hawkins) Hybrid format

*C215 Orientation to Theological Studies (Hawkins)

C/D204 Classics of Christian Spirituality (Johnson) Hybrid format

**D207 Ministerial Leadership (Team)

+D218 Pastoral Care II (Karaban)

I400 Graduates' Colloquium