Certificate Courses

Late Summer/Early Fall 2014



Foundation Level Courses: 

Located at St. Bernard's School of Theology and Ministry

120 French Rd. Rochester, NY 14618

C14 Introduction to Moral Theology

The Catholic life is guided by foundations of behavior that have come down to us from theology, scripture and philosophical reflection. This course explores the basic principles underlying the Catholic moral life. We will examine the role of the Church, individual conscience, and social custom as they inform and guide the Catholic perspective on morality. This course is required for those seeking a Certificate in Catechetical Leadership, Youth Ministry and Pastoral Ministry.

Instructor: Patricia Schoelles, SSJ

Thursdays August 14, 21, 28 and Sept 4 from 2:00 – 4:30 PM
Available via videoconferencing to Apalachin, Auburn, Hornell and Watkins Glen


A 10 Introduction to Scripture – Online Course

This course is designed to acquaint the beginning student with the variety of methods used to interpret the Scriptures within the wider Church community today.  We will examine how the Church has understood the Bible throughout history.  We will also examine the question of literal and fundamental interpretations of Scripture, as well as the concepts of inerrancy and divine inspiration. Through an analysis of select passages we will look at the methods used by the Church to develop its theological and pastoral understanding of today’s world.

Instructor: Reverend George Heyman

Course opens Monday, September 15 at noon and ends Friday October 10th Computer and High Speed Internet Access are required. Additional online guidelines are available upon request.

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Skill Level Courses:

Located at the Bishop Hickey Conference Center 

1150 Buffalo Rd. Rochester, NY 14624


Introduction to Catechetical Ministry

This skills course will engage the learner with an overview of the mission, vision and structure of Catechetical Ministry in the Diocese of Rochester. The Learner will understand the Bishop of Rochester’s role as chief catechist of the Diocese and how the various offices and ministries assist the Bishop in that mission. The learner will know the current models of catechetical programming in effect, audiences for catechesis and the areas and people who are served in the Diocese of Rochester.

September 13th from 9am-11:30am


Fundamental Tasks of Catechetical Ministry

This skills course will present the learner with an opportunity to encounter the six fundamental tasks of catechesis and how these tasks can be accomplished and implemented in parish/school catechetical programming. Special attention will be given to the goals of these fundamental tasks, how they apply to catechetical programs and the guiding Church documents that serve and assist in accomplishing these tasks.

September 13th from 12:30pm-3pm


Elements of Effective Youth Ministry

This skills course will provide the learner with the most up to date and relevant information and trends for implementing effective parish adolescent catechetical and youth ministry programs. These skills, such as the use of technology, understanding family and cultural dynamics and the formation of volunteers are benchmarks of a thriving and comprehensive parish youth ministry.

September 13th from 3pm-5:30pm


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