Finances/Student Billing Account - FAQ

Whom do I contact about my bill?
All questions concerning your bill should be addressed to Mary Muggleton in the Business Office, (585) 271-3657, x 297 or Please note: financial aid does not get applied for a month or so into the semester. The initial billing may not reflect all the financial aid details.

How much money do I need to pay at the time of Registration?
Students are required to pay the registration fee plus 25% of the total course tuition at the time of registration. Courses need to be paid in full by the end of the semester. If this is not possible, you can set up an extended payment schedule by contacting Mary Muggleton in the Business Office, (585) 271-3657, x 297 or

How can I pay on my student account?
You may pay by check (please include the top of your monthly statement for accurate recording), or pay online with a credit card.

What if I need to drop a course?
Should St. Bernard's cancel a course, the School will refund all tuition and fees.  Should the student withdraw from a course, and the course continues, s/he is responsible for the  registration fees and tuition for the duration of his/her attendance in the course, per schedules below.  For courses which meet on a bi-weekly basis, a single class session represents approximately 1.5 sessions of a weekly class (proportionally).  Hence, there are 2 distinct refund schedules appropriate to the varying course formats.  St. Bernard's charges tuition until the date of official withdrawal.  If the student has paid in full for the course, refund will be prorated as indicated below:


Refund Schedule for Weekly Courses:
Prior to first class 100% tuition refund
after 1 class session 90% tuition refund
after 2 class sessions 80% tuition refund
after 3 class sessions 60% tuition refund
after 4 class sessions 40% tuition refund
after 5 class sessions no refund


Refund Schedule for Bi-Weekly Courses:
Prior to first class 100% tuition refund
after 1 class session 90% tuition refund
after 2 class sessions 70% tuition refund
after 3 class sessions 30% tuition refund
after 4 class sessions no refund


Discontinuance of attendance or notice to the Professor does not constitute withdrawal.  The student must make application for withdrawal or for a change in class schedule in writing on an official Graduate Course Change Form, obtainalbe in the Registrar's Office.  The completed form must be submitted to the Registrar.

Does St. Bernard’s offer financial aid?  Whom should I contact?
Yes, financial aid is available from both St. Bernard’s and the Roman Catholic Diocese of Rochester and Albany. You can also apply for a federal student loan. Students interested in exploring financial aid should contact the Director of Admissions at (585) 271-3657, x 289 or

Is it too late to apply for financial aid?
Students may apply for financial aid throughout the academic year. Application dates are listed for each semester on the application.

When does my bill need to be paid?
Unless one is on a payment plan, all previous bills need to be paid before registering for the following semester.  St. Bernard's will not grant a degree, nor release grades to students, nor grant credit for coursework completed, nor issue transcripts, unless all charges for a given semester are paid in full.  Contact Mary Muggleton in the Business Office, (585) 271-3657, x 297 or for more specific questions.

Are tuition payment plans available?
Yes, St. Bernard’s does have a payment plan. (Click here for the Extended Payment Form). Please contact the Finance Office for more information at (585) 271-3657 ext 297.

How do I notify St. Bernard’s of aid I am receiving from my parish/sponsoring organization?
Please contact Mary Muggleton in our Business Office,,  with information regarding any additional aid you are receiving.  Students are requested to inform St. Bernard’s on a yearly basis regarding additional aid they receive outside of Diocesan and St. Bernard’s Tuition Assistance. Students who are receiving Rochester parish support need to complete a Tuition Assistance Application yearly.

More questions?
Please don’t hesitate to call (585) 271-3657 ext 297. Or email us at We’ll be very glad to assist you!