Certificate Courses

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  • Registrations are now being accepted online www.stbernards.edu (preferred), or by mail.
  • All courses held at St. Bernard’s (Rochester) unless otherwise noted.
  • Course fee is $100 per course unless otherwise noted.
  • Video-conferencing available where noted and available upon request.
  • Contact the Registrar’s Office at registrar@stbernards.edu.

Foundational Courses

A10 Introduction to Scripture (Online) (Heyman)
C14 Introduction to Moral Theology (Hybrid) (Matthew Kuhner)
L55 Liturgy and Ceremonies of the Roman Rite (Pranic)
L56 Singing Training for Seminarians, Priests, and Deacons (Pranic)
FEL2 The Bread of Life: Foundations of a Eucharistic Spirituality (Matthew Kuhner)

Skills Courses

E80 Parish HR Management & Benefit Administration (Sylvester, et al)
E87 Comprehensive Financial Operations (Kubus)
S22 Catechesis & the Catechetical Documents (Matthew Kuhner)
SEL2 God's Plan for Human Love and Sexuality: Foundations for Catechizing our Youth (Michelle Kuhner)
S12 Introduction to Sacramental Catechesis (Smith)