Course Offerings

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Spring 2018 Graduate Courses – Rochester/Syracuse

Area A: Biblical Studies
A203 Introduction to Christian Scriptures (Heyman)
Area B: Historical Studies
B/C310 History and Practice of Catholic Social Thought (Hawkins)
Area C: Theological Studies
C215 Orientation to Theological Studies (Johnson)
C319 Speaking the Truth in Love: Introduction to Apologetics. (Kuhner)
Area D: Pastoral Ministry
D211 Discernment and Formation for Ministry (Hawkins and Palma)
D217 Pastoral Care I (Karaban)
D218 Pastoral Care II (Karaban)
D203 Liturgical Leadership (Johnson)
D302 Pastoral Formation (Karaban)
I400 Graduate Colloquium


Spring 2018 Graduate Courses – Albany

C/D410 Ministry as Leadership and Community Building (Reamer)
**D214 Spiritual Formation (Gelfenbein)
A301 Pauline and Deutero-Pauline Writings (Gigliotti)
*+A202 Introduction to Hebrew Scriptures (Mali)
+*I400 Graduates’ Colloquim