Faculty and Administration


Board of Trustees Adjunct and Visiting Faculty
 Rochester Administration Albany Administration


Patricia A. Schoelles
President and Associate Professor
of Christian Ethics (1993)

Devadasan N. Premnath
Academic Dean and Associate
Professor of Hebrew Bible (l988)

Katherine Hanley
Associate Dean, Albany and Assistant
Professor of Ministry Studies  (1995)

Rev. George Heyman
Director of Certification & Professional Development

Associate Professor in Biblical Studies (1995)

Roslyn A. Karaban
Professor of Pastoral Care & Counseling (1987)

Nancy M. Hawkins
Associate Professor of 
Systematic Theology (1999)

Ella Johnson
 Assistant Professor of
Systematic Theology (2010)

Rev. Sebastian A. Falcone
Professor Emeritus of
New Testament Studies  (1967)